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Courses Taught

Actuarial Mathematics

This course covers the methods actuaries use to estimate future contingent cash flows and the variation in these flows. Specific areas covered include life insurance, annuities, premiums, reserves, and methods for multiple-life and multiple-decrement models. I have developed a set of problems on the web for this topic. It is hosted with the kind cooperation of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rochester. For a sample of the problems click here.

Price Theory

This course covers topics in Intermediate Microeconomics including the use of mathematics in problem solving.

Graduate Seminar

The Actuarial Science Graduate Seminar covers general topics in actuarial modeling, and introduces the students to the standards that apply to the professional work of actuaries. This includes a review of the Actuarial Standards of Practice promulgated by the Actuarial Standards Board.

Insurance Company Financial Analysis

This course covers the use of GAAP and statutory financial statements of insurance companies to evaluate financial strength and performance. The course covers life, health, and property/casualty insurance companies.

Statistical Regression Analysis

This is a course for doctoral candidates in the College of Business. It covers a variety of techniques used in applying the methods of regression analysis to business problems.

Operations Research

Operations Research constitutes a variety of mathematical techniques that are useful in the analysis and solution of problems that arise in a business or government setting.

Seminar on Property/Casualty Ratemaking and Loss Reserving

This seminar covers basic areas of ratemaking and loss reserving for a wide range of property and casualty products, including workers compensation, auto, homeowners, inland marine, and other coverages.

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